How to setup DD-WRT, DynDNS, SSH, SFTP, OpenVPN, miniDLNA, Samba, Transmission, RPi-Monitor using Raspberry-Pi

Download Raspbian image You are free to install whatever operating you want into Raspberry Pi, however I chose Raspbian, so does this guide. To download your preferable flavor of Linux, go at  I prefer the “Download Torrent” option, because it’s way faster that the direct download from their servers. Once the the download is completed, […]

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I’ve installed Kali Linux. So what’s next?

Login as root (it is the only available account just after the Kali Linux finishes its installation). It would be now the time to download any updates, bug fixes or/and security patches for applications and the operating system. To do this, we start off by refreshing the repositories: apt-get update Move on and apply the […]

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Hex binary decimal converter 101

Take this number:  343 What’s this number? You think it’s decimal by default, right? However, the truth is, we can’t be sure. We can say that 3 is the MSB (most significant bit) and we end at 3 (LSB) the less significant bit. We start counting from the Zero position. Zero has a value, the […]

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Network Security and Solutions

Network Threats Network security is an integral part of computer networking, regardless of whether the network is limited to a home environment with a single connection to the Internet, or as large as a corporation with thousands of users. The network security implemented must take into account the environment, as well as the tools and […]

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Did you know that Ethernet used to be proprietary protocol?

Ethernet was a protocol originally developed by Bob Metcalfe at the XEROX Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in the 1970s. In 1979, Bob Metcalfe formed his own company, 3COM, and worked with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Intel, and Xerox to promote the “DIX” standard for Ethernet. In 1985, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers […]

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The Internet of Things

Imagine a world without the Internet. No more Google, YouTube, instant messaging, Facebook, Wikipedia, online gaming, Netflix, iTunes, and easy access to current information. No more price comparison websites, avoiding lines by shopping online, or quickly looking up phone numbers and map directions to various locations at the click of a finger. How different would […]

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Ask Ubuntu questions python script

Ah, it’s almost 9:00 and I am still awake. I’ve been trying to figure out how great it’s the howdoi and what if I could modify the script to work along with How it works Just type your question (query or just a phrase) or anything like being in Google, but in terminal. chmod […]

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Why does Qt matter ?

First off, Qt is the toolkit for the KDE desktop. This means hundreds of other applications are used to be driven by Qt as well.  Secondly, Qt has one great advantage over its rivals, that’s being both open-source and commercially supported. It is open-enough for the good of the community and product-enough for the professional […]

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The TCP/IP model

I suppose you’ve already done your study in the OSI Model, so in this article we make a step further to another networking model, the TCP/IP. First off, let’s map the OSI model against the layers of the TCP/IP model. As you can see from the image above, the OSI Model maps its Application layer with the […]

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The OSI model overview

The OSI model stands for Open Systems Interconnection and it is a theoretical concept of breaking down the whole communication system into abstract portions, called Layers. The overall communication system has become way too complicated and in order to study its topic it’s essential to analyze in each part individually, that why OSI model helps […]

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