How to start with OpenFaaS

Introduction Before we get into what is serverless or openfaas, I would like to talk about the concept behind this. So, before going into the details, I want to give you the big picture of this new way of developing applications and how the users are supposed to use them. Containers are now more efficient than ever So let’s go back in time, when computers were enormous things and filled complete rooms. Read On →

Kubernetes Basics

What is Kubernetes By definition, Kubernetes is an open source container cluster manager, and it is usually referred to by its internal name withing Google development - k8s. Google donated it to the open source world as a “seed technology” at 2015, to the newly formed CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which established partnership with The Linux Foundation. The primary goal of Kubernetes is to provide a platform for automating deployment, scaling and operations of application containers across a cluster of hosts. Read On →


Hugo is a static site engine written in Go. It makes use of a variety of open source projects including: Cobra Viper J Walter Weatherman Cast Learn more and contribute on GitHub. Setup Some fun facts about Hugo: Built in Go Loosely inspired by Jekyll Primarily developed by spf13 on the train while commuting to and from Manhattan. Coded in Vim using spf13-vim Have questions or suggestions? Read On →